Thank you for your interest in working with me. 

Beginning at age 15, I’ve always been in pursuit of better, faster and higher volumes. My tool-kit is functional for the solo-entrepreneur and the fortune 100 executive committee, with support for all in between. I don’t carry Mary Poppins' Magic Bag, but l will teach you all of the tricks I know and share the new ones as I accumulate them. 

In my Business Consulting services, you can be assured that I will support you in the growth that you desire and the structure and efficiency to make it happen. 

When Speaking with you, your group, or your employees, know that we all will experience an elevation to new levels of thinking about ourselves, our lives, and how we relate to others. I assure you that I’m always learning and it is one of the primary motivators of my vision. 

My Success Coaching is tested by me. I’m sharing how I got here. You may not know what to do, but you know what you want or where you want to be. Let’s partner to get it and get you there!

Training, Facilitation & Meeting Moderation is a childhood dream come true. I am born of a long line of teachers and care-givers - we love to support and see others succeed. In the classroom, the light bulbs come on and we work together to grow together. Change, transition, upgrade, team-building and wellness are only a handful of the topics that get me excited in the classroom.