Live and in-person, AJ inspires others to immediately get involved in life. For many, a mold is broken, bonds are untied, and their comfort zone becomes wherever they stand.

Often praised as unconventional and refreshing, his conversational speaking style invites audience members to identify, hear themselves, see their barriers, and smash right through them. Close to 100% leave with a deeper understanding of who they are when they are on purpose in their life. 

His speaking material draws on his own experience and growth in both his work and all the days he’s been breathing. With AJ, audiences elevate to new levels of thinking about themselves, their lives and how they relate to others. 

Every day, we get to grow in understanding of who we are and why we're here on the planet/at work/breathing. In the business space, AJ's audiences shift into alignment with the organization’s care for them; they work hard and never slow or quit. 

Invite AJ to ignite the fire within your group or company, today!