Sharing Personal Information at Work

August 8, 2019 - 10:27am -- aj

Yesterday, I had the honor to join Let's Go There w/ Shira & Ryan on Channel Q to talk about an incredibly important topic to all employees everywhere. The idea of coming out wiggles itself in and around many categories of life and ways of living for all individuals. We focussed primarily on sexual orientation/partner choice and I want to open the conversation up wider here to gather your thoughts and stories. 

It is my experience that we get to come out in one of these ways, every day: 

Poetry: The Quest from Stress

September 1, 2015 - 9:13pm -- aj

I opened a notebook this morning, in preparing for a workshop and found this poem. I thought I’d share it before I take a few more steps west in my new journey.

A mess on a quest
in half a black dress.

“A mess? I’m at my BEST!”
You jest; come on my quest.

I’m headed west. Don’t rest,
journey on my chest.

Don’t stress, we’re headed west.
Put on your skinny black dress.

Sex, chess – skip this hex.
Do you see more mess?

Trudge with eyes focused west.

© 2015 AJ Leto

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